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About Cloud Alerts

Our story begin in 2016. Back then we were a one man show, standing in line at every sneaker release only to be met with disappointment. Determined not to take the L, Cloud Alerts was created to help us stay ahead of the game.

At Cloud Alerts, we seek to put you above the rest. Understanding the pain and frustration, we aim to provide our customers with the best tools and necessary essentials to cop the most anticipated releases at retail price. Never again to be left out of the winning circle.

Our Motto:

COOK. COP. REPEAT. - it is as simple as that

Why Cloud Alerts?

Fastest Monitors

Monitoring over 200 stores worldwide, with twitter and instagram included, ensuring that you will never miss a release again. Our monitors are equipped with ATC links and bot quick tasks for a seamless checkout.

Release Guides

In-depth release guides for every major release, complete with site lists, early links and bot set-up advice. Giving our members a competitive edge comes drop time.

Bot Rentals

Members are given the opportunity to access our massive network of bots, renting them at an affordable rate, to cop highly anticipated releases with in-depth set-up guides being provided.

Weekly Steals

Members get access to our weekly steals release. Providing members another alternative method to secure thousands of dollars in profit.

Group Buys

Members get exclusive access to the most sought after bots and providers in the market thru giveaways and group buys.

Worldwide Support

Catering for users all over the world, our experienced staff are online 24/7 and will always be ready to answer your questions and clarify any doubts you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join?

Cloud Alerts is constantly looking for fair and innovative ways to release memberships, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and activate notifications. We will announce most of our Restocks there, and be ready for the unexpected.

Can I cancel my membership?

Of course. You can cancel your membership at any given time.

What regions does Cloud Alerts support?

We provide support world wide and we have members and staff from all around the globe.

Are there any lifetime memberships?

Lifetime memberships will be once in a blue moon, Cloud Alerts lifetime keys can be bought or obtained through giveaways.

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